What’s That Mean?! Round 2
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What’s That Mean?! Round 2

Here we are again! Thanks for joining me for WHAT’S THAT MEAN Round 2. Hopefully you have 3 more wrinkles on your brain due to the first round of learning, and now you are back for 3 more. So here goes:


Outside of our super special promotional industry, the term gusset is used a lot in the clothing world to talk about the extra fabric used to make a seam roomier.

However, in our little promotional bubble, we use it to talk about tote bags. It’s the fabric that makes the bottom and sides of a bag. The front and back panels attached to gussets to make your bag bigger to hold more stuff! WOO!

Non-Woven Polypropylene

First, let’s break this down.

Non-Woven material is material that isn’t woven or knitted. It’s long fibers that are held together in some other way, most commonly by some kind of chemical.

Polypropylene is basically plastic. I mean, if you want to get all scientific, use the Google, but polypro (as I so lovingly like to call it) is just a fancy processed plastic.

SO, put the two together and you have material made out of plastic. The place we see the term used the most in our industry is in the tote bag world. It’s a really convenient material for our industry because it’s inexpensive & lightweight. It’s also great because it’s recyclable!


This brings us back to a lovely word that has 2 full on different meanings. I’m sure when you hear the word registration you think about things like class registration or registering your kid for a summer activity.

BUT, yet again, in the world of all the promotional and printing things, registration refers to the overlapping of multiple ink colors when you use a printing process that lays each color down separately. So, if you have a logo with multiple colors that touch and you want us to print it in spot colors, you have to allow for registration. It’s usually only 1/32nd of an inch, but if you are printing on a really small item, that can be noticeable. There is a lovely image below that shows more of what I am talking about because some things are just easier to figure out with a pretty picture.


So, this has been round 2 of WHAT’S THAT MEAN?! Did you learn anything? I know I did just by writing this. Now we have more brain wrinkles together.

Please let us know if we can help you out with a gusseted non-woven polypro tote bag that you need a multiple spot color imprint that will require tight registration. I mean, who DOESN’T need that.

Toodles- Shannon Kirby

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