Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in 2013
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Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in 2013

It’s so crazy to sit back and try to think of all the remarkable things that happen to us in a year’s span. A year always goes by fast and it’s a challenge for me to try and remember what I have done within a year- let alone what I did within the last week. But, since we are always learning and growing as people, I do think it’s good to take the time to sit down and reflect on what we’ve learned. So, since I know I haven’t reflected much in the past year, bear with me- this could get pretty random. Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned this year:

  1. Animals Rule the Internet- At least in the past year they did.  Specifically, I’m pretty sure animal gifs and memes were the bane of the Internet’s existence this year. Just think about all of the hilarious things you saw cats, puppies, and sloths do this year… oh wait, you can’t, because there is THAT much awesomeness floating around the interweb.
  2. I learned how to build a Volusion site from the ground up! We’ve already covered this in one of my blogs so I won’t go too carried away, but, I’m still really proud of myself for this one. I’m most proud because in the beginning, I told myself that there was no way I could finish it in a month- but I did. And it works! Woop woop!
  3. Building off of #2, I learned that I need to stop telling myself that “I can’t” do things. Looking at that sentence, it sounds like an easy thing to do, to stop talking yourself down, but it’s not. And I’ve learned that I do this way more often than I’d like to. On the bright side, at least I’m aware that it happens, right? Baby steps…
  4. Whenever I watch a musician’s documentary, I become obsessed. First it was Justin Bieber and now I’ve moved on to One Direction. I haven’t yet proven if it’s documentaries about teenage boys that get me most or what. Maybe I’ll have more scientific proof next year, you guys.
  5. Working with a pregnant lady is the best form of birth control. Ever. No offense to pregnant ladies, but I am completely 100% not having kids at this time in my life. Sidenote: working with a pregnant lady is also ruining any chance that I have at a wedding diet and I think I’m okay with it. #YOLO (by the way, YOLO should not and will not be carried over into 2014, in my opinion. RIP YOLO)
  6. Speaking of weddings, did you hear I’m having one?! On September 27th of next year! At this point I can still say I’ve learned that I love everything about the wedding industry.  After designing a few invites here and there this year, I think I’ve now worked in and with all aspects of the wedding industry. And I love it… ask me again in 9 months if I still love it. Hopefully I will!
  7. I learned this year that I do not like mocking up logos on caps. There are absolutely no good images of caps for me to use (I think) and I always struggle with getting the logo to look right on them! Ask Matt and Shannon about how much it drives me crazy…
  8. Here goes a random one- I also learned, just last week (after a year and half) that, while I thought all Sanmar apparel models were just average looking, there is one product that has images of all the hot male models. And it’s just for a plain old winter hat! It’s been hiding from me for so long! Now that I’ve found it, my life is complete. Helpful hint to Sanmar: use those models more often; they would totally make me (and all our customers) buy more because my mock-ups would be on another level.
  9. Social media is a challenge for me to keep up with from a business perspective. On my personal accounts, I have no problem with staying up to date on trends and updating. For the business, I still struggle with coming up with strategy and meaningful posts. I have learned that it’s best for me to allot longer amounts of time to social media and to get other people’s input from time-to-time. Any suggestions are welcome!
  10. Since there are still a few weeks left in the year, I’ll just leave it as, “the rest is still unwritten”…

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