The 12 Months of Great Gifts
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The 12 Months of Great Gifts

The topic for my blog was chosen for me by Matt- who used to be my favorite guy in the office.

“Name your favorite Promotional Product for each month of the year, AND why. “

It’s the why part that’s been messing with my head. Sometimes you just like things to like things. But I’ve been given an assignment, and completion is the goal. At first thought, I was going to write the items to the tune of the “12 Days of Christmas”… sing along….

For the first month of the New Year, my employer gave to me… Ice Scraper of Awesome Quality!

Ok, thats already old, and it’s too hard to add my “Why” in and keep the melody going. As if I even need to say why an Ice Scraper in January is so wonderful. Duh! Everyone knows that one. Especially if you’ve recently had an incident of frost bite while trying to use your debit card on the windshield 

February- My favorite promotional item for February would be the Long Handled Extendible Ice Scraper WITH brush. Duh squared if I need to tell you WHY again.

March- Fleece beanies and Fleece jackets. DONT EVEN ASK WHY, it’s still winter in this darn state and we’ve got 3 more months to go. 

April- Tax month brings stress, so for this month I would like to give everyone a stress ball. Did you know there are over 50 varities of these buggers? Every shape and size from smiley faces to cute animals. You get a two for one with that item. Squeezing it to reduce stress and looking at cute animal faces should cheer most normal people. I did use “most” as the descriptor for this one. If being angry at the cute animal face works better for you, who are we to judge?

May- Absolutely the best promo product for May is personalized golf balls for your company. Because then you can tell your boss you were “working” those 18 holes and it won’t be a complete lie.

June- What every sane North Dakota and Minnesotan wants for June is custom bug repellent. Again, must I repeat the reason as to why? If you haven’t figured that one out, we will lock you outside at dusk for a few hours and then you’ll catch on. 

July- 4th of July parades are never the same without our four legged friends. So doggy bandannas with great screenprints are all the rage for the best dressed winners. It can’t always be the Wiener dog dressed like a hot dog who wins! Other dogs can be darn cute too.

August- Beer. Oh, thats not really a promotional item. Ok then, a rolling cooler for your beer. Hows that?

September- Most definitely the “most wonderful time of the year” with back to school! Mothers everywhere are rejoicing and sending their little darlings off with: the fabulous new Swanky pens WITH the stylus. What first graders Ipad would be complete without one? Kids will rush to the bus feeling all “joyful and triumphant?” (Hey, I’m trying to keep that Christmas theme going, since I failed miserably at the stupid song.)

October- Breast Cancer Awareness month brings all things PINK! And boy are they out there in mass quantities. My two favorites for this month are the “Breast” stress balls – yes they actually do look like them… another question, if they are balls, how can they be breasts? Hmmmm I ponder. And the other “breast” choice is custom nipple pasties. Any color, any logo. That’s their motto. Ok, lets be honest, do they even need a motto? 

November- Ok, this is the month for giving Thanks. And I have always been a big believer in giving thanks for chocolate. You wouldn’t believe the promotional items you can get covered in chocolate. Some are better than others, but cover that coffee cup in chocolate and see how popular you can be! Or the chocolate mouse pad is also a big winner in every office. A little messy, but delicious.

December- Hands down the favorite and most necessary item for this busy month is the personalized Sticky Note pads. And I say the more the merrier! Just think of all those lists and chores you have to do! All those fabulous reminders stuck to the kitchen cupboards, the bathroom mirror, the dashboard of the car……yep, you just can’t ever end a year without them!

– Michelle Breen

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