SWAG Without Swagger Isn’t Really SWAG
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SWAG Without Swagger Isn’t Really SWAG

Something came to my attention today.  Everything is cool to someone.  It might seem like a little late in life to have that realization with phrases like “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” tossed around in almost every situation imaginable.  But today, I thought about it, was inspired by it, and decided to write this blog.
I have VERY strong opinions about a good chunk of product in our industry.  Like, super strong opinions. But I still came to the (humbling) conclusion that the same can be said about logo’d goods –  AKA: SWAG. In the right context, the most mundane, inexpensive product can be made FUNdane.
SIDENOTE: I briefly need to interrupt this post to admit something.  I really don’t like the word SWAG in regards to our industry – but when I came up with that title, I knew I had to use it.
SIDENOTE AGAIN: SWAG is actually an industry acronym for Stuff We All Get.
Back to my point about our industry product.  There is so much silly product…ENDLESS silly product.  Ridiculous things that literally I can not imagine anyone liking or needing in the history of ever.
But, with our company approach of selling clients on purposeful promotional buying, it has truly come to light that JUST about any product can be made purposeful and cool. All it takes is some critical thought, creative spinning, and a dash of said SWAGGER.
How about a flashlight key ring. Basic, boring, mundane, 1000’s of options, and has been around forever and ever.
Sure, it has it’s obvious purpose that everyone thinks of when they see a flashlight.  But how could we take that tiny flashlight and make it extra cool and impactful, and something people will keep?
Focus on the situational PURPOSE of this specific flashlight.
Now your saying “Shannon, give us an example”!
Fine.  I will.  Let’s play pretend!

The Project

Our client is a suicide prevention company. They have their annual event coming up, and need a gift to give to each person who attends the event, but since they are a non profit, their budget is SUPER tight.  They are using the theme “Light in the Dark”.  The event is in a hotel ballroom.

The Solution

Imagine this little flashlight – it’s black – packaged in a tiny ring style box with a solid black interior, and the flashlight is turned on.  Each box is at the place setting when people sit down.  There is a note on the top of the box that reads DO NOT OPEN UNTIL INSTRUCTED.  Since the flashlight is pretty tiny, we just print the text “I am someone’s light in the dark” on the flashlight, attach a tag that has the messaging “Thank you for being someone’s light in the dark” on one side, and on the other it’s the clients contact information.

The Result

Event starts.  Guests are directed to their seats for dinner.  Before dinner, there is a little speech to say thank you for coming, etc etc….  At the end of the speech, In place of “raise a glass to yourselves” the speaker says  “everyone please pick up the little boxes at your place setting.”  CUT THE LIGHTS.  “Open them”.
It looks like a One Direction concert while “Little Things” is being performed. (R.I.P. 1D)
Image result for concert lights
The speaker echo’s the sentiment on the tag, heart strings are tugged, and that little flashlight is now an emotional connection for each and every attendee.
Huge impact, shareable content – all by taking a super mundane, basic product and attaching emotion, creativity and a sprinkle of swagger.
If you want ideas for your company with a dash of Brandfolk SWAGGER – get in touch with us.  We’d love to see what we can do to take your promotional buying to the next level.
– Shannon Kirby
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