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Don’t worry this is not a recap of the Purpose World Tour ft Justin Bieber. It’s actually my turn to talk about the Core Value “assigned” to me from Fabric- Purpose! While I am a Belieber, the Purpose we’re talking about today is in regard to our Brandfolk Guiding Principles from way back here. Because I’m always trying to draw out the why and find a purpose within projects, I couldn’t agree with my assigned word more!

In our refinement session with Rosalynn, she gave us key words that came up in our first session to help define how each Core Value was decided for us. The three main words that relating to Purpose are meaning, intention, and attention to detail. So, I think we should talk about how each of those contribute to me in my job!


I wish I could tell you the meaning of life, but it turns out, I don’t have ALL the answers. What I can find an answer to is that project you’ve been dreaming up. It is the BEST when a client gives us a “brief” about their project that they think is off the wall but has been in their head for a really long time. I like to think that if you can dream it, we can do it… especially when it means something to you. We love being challenged like that! But really, anytime someone is able to express their “meaning” for a project, I feel infinitely more prepared to find creative ways to wow them. Every decision a person makes should have a reason, so it just feels magical when a client is able to clearly express that!

Attention to Detail

Seeing the whole picture in any aspect can be daunting, but it’s something that I constantly strive to do. For me, getting a sense the whole picture after learning the backstory helps me start putting the paint on the canvas. So, if you know you want to get from point A to Z, I’m already trying to think of steps B-Y. When I get to know more about a client, I love making these small decisions that reinforce their meaning and get awesome results! I’m all about the details and don’t leave anything out, which leads us right into the next key word…


Not making decisions all “willy nilly” is the best way I can explain this one. I need to have that meaning we talked about to work out the small details and make decisions intentionally. In design, I’m always going to show products that compliment or reflect your brand colors because someone important chose them, and they mean something to them. And on the flip side, I may make the decision to suggest a campaign specific “logo” to you. Not because I hate your logo or the meaning it carries, but because I think this is a situation where it’d be useful to give your campaign its own message. I do this intentionally to create more buzz around your event or campaign and allow it to stand alone. I don’t take making these types decisions lightly, so if I don’t find it cohesive with your “meaning” for the project, I wouldn’t do it. You see, it really all works together!

By paying attention to each of these aspects, I feel like I can have purpose and can produce my best work. I just saw this today on Instagram and thought it was fitting- “She’s got that whole purpose-driven, warrior princess, save the world type vibe.” If I can project that “vibe” in any capacity, I’d call it a good day!

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