Promotional Product Range- Happy Father’s Day?!
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promotional product range

Promotional Product Range- Happy Father’s Day?!

  • ;vI figure that Father’s Day will work just fine in helping me explain how large the promotional product range is in this blog post.  I’m also using this post to remind everyone to pick up your last minute gift, if you haven’t already.  So how exactly does Father’s Day explain the diversity of promotional products, you ask?  While there are many good products and suppliers out there, there are just about as many bad ones as well.

Has your Dad ever bought you a car?  Maybe he even paid for your college?  These exciting purchases can be compared to a highly successful promotional campaign that can lead to 75% sales growth.  Yes, those things do happen in real life.  On the flip side, have you ever had to bail your dad out of jail or pay off his gambling debts?  That disappointment might compare to your company buying 10,000 pencils for Bob’s Builder that show up saying Boob’s Builder and also have no lead.

Remember to thank your dad if he paid for your college and to learn from his mistakes if he was the one getting bailed out of jail.  Like dads, not every promotion is perfect, but each attempt can always be better than the next. If one doesn’t work out, make sure to challenge your promotional product supplier in coming up with something better.  If they can’t, get rid of them!  Unlike with your dad, you’re not stuck with your promotional supplier.  If they can’t communicate your options from $1000 to $100,000, they must not really care about your existence! Now for another link between promotional product range and your dad, take a look around some local retail shops this weekend at everything that specifically has “Dad” on it.  Almost all of those things are promotional items!

While I’m at it, I better write a short note to my Dad. I am very lucky to have such a great Dad and caring Father.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without your positive influence on me! Now, enough with the sappy stuff… Here is just one example of a surprising promotional product and some slogans for the guy who shuts his phone off for one Sunday every year.

promotional product range– How important is a bad wrap?

– Protecting the best!

– Covering for your mistakes. – Haha… Sports Agents to give pro athletes.

– Already a Dad? We’ve got you covered!

– Protection from the scary world of parenting.

Yes, we sell custom printed condoms.  Full color print.  1000 Custom printed condoms for just .55 cents each.  Plug in your own slogan if you want!  Don’t be too nasty or we’ll just block your comment.   If it’s clever enough we just might print them!


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