Team Eventide
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Creative HR Messaging, Design, Event, HR, Promotional Products
About This Project

The Project

To come up with a creative “pep rally” theme and branding for employee engagement meetings. As explained by the Eventide Senior Living Communities Facebook- “These events give employees the opportunity to learn about everything that is happening at all Eventide Senior Living Communities.”


To combine event branding with cool themed product to get employees fired up about learning and feel pride in being part of the team.

The Solution

We knew we wanted to create a logo that was able to standalone, but also be combined with the regular Eventide “window” if desired by the client. This is how we came up with the Team Eventide “E” that’s reminiscent of letters on a letterman jacket. We also initially incorporated a “bar” as used on letterman jacket to be added for each year the branding is used. By combining this branding with curated products that would be used at a pep rally or sporting event, we worked to develop a nostalgic high school feel within our initial story board.

The Result

Eventide employees were definitely fired up by the branding and entire concept that we created! They initially ordered 6 of the different products that were shown and also ended up adding another t-shirt to the mix. The t-shirt was intended to be used a door prize, but employees liked them so much that they ordered more for their annual staff shirt. They also recently ordered a new round of water bottles with the “Team Eventide” branding to use for their 5 year anniversary. The branding and employee “rally” was a sure success, and they told us they were definitely considering carrying on the theme in the future!