PS Pizza Stuff
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Campaign, Holiday, Mailer, Promotional Products, Targeted Campaigns
About This Project

The Project

To come up with a creative and comprehensive holiday gift for the top Brandfolk customers of 2017.


To combine our passion for pizza with our passion for awesome products.

The Solution

We were struggling to come up with a gift idea that compared to last year’s Yeti box. We knew that similar to last year, we wanted a relevant product and custom packaging. While brainstorming, we tried to tie in things like the holidays, the 90’s and IOU’s… to name a few ideas that didn’t stick. Finally, over a Build Your Own pizza lunch, Shannon and Shelby had the brilliant idea to make our gift pizza themed! And “Build Your Own” themed at that!┬áThese are some of the snippets of how the conversation went:

“We could be Brandfolk- Pizza Slice, or Brandfolk- Pizza Snobs…”

“We’re really good at promotional products. Pizza? Eh…”

“It’s pizza, kind of…”

and finally “It’s not delivery, it’s Pizza Stuff! Seriously, Build Your Own Pizza.”

And with that message, the ideas started rolling! We included only products that could be useful in building your own pizza. The products we decided on were spices, a pizza cutter, an apron, an oven mitt, a cheese grater and napkins. We also included a testimonial postcard for anyone that felt up to the challenge of also building their own testimonial for us.

The Result

We received a few testimonial postcards back and multiple e-mails from our customers telling us that they loved the idea and execution. We even had one customer challenge us to coming up with a similar campaign for them in the upcoming year. So overall, we definitely achieved our goal of competing with last year’s gift and even got customers to start thinking about their upcoming promotions. Count that as a win!