Yeti Christmas Gift
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Holiday, Promotional Products, Targeted Campaigns, Trends
About This Project

The Project

To come up with a creatively unique product for a holiday gift to mail or deliver to the top Brandfolk customers of 2016.


After receiving from a significant number of requests from customers for a decorated Yeti mug, we set out to make a play on that product’s popularity with our 2016 holiday gift.

The Solution

Matt started developing a small habit of presenting plush toys toward the end of the year and just wouldn’t let it go. When he pitched incorporating a plush yeti into our holiday gift to us, we all decided it would be a really fun to way to say “hey everyone, here’s your Yeti” after being asked about the mugs so much. Once we found the perfect yeti, the idea began to evolve and we decided to run with it. We also decided to include a mug of the yeti’s very own (that wasn’t even close to a nice copper insulated Yeti), instructions for how to and how not to care for the yeti and a little food (chocolate) to keep him thriving with. With experience in designing a few custom designed mailer boxes throughout the year, we decided that we absolutely had to have our own custom packaging for the plush yeti. Rolling right along with the abominable snowman theme, we designed to box to like some sort of shipping crate from the Himalayas, with a little “yeti” verbiage to really tie it all together.

The Result

We urged our customers to share their yeti on social media in his new living environment, alive and well.  We got many responses on Twitter and even a couple of videos on Facebook from our customers! Turns out, a few people’s dogs didn’t take a liking to the yeti’s but they were at least a big hit with the kids!