Organizational Skills?!
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Organizational Skills?!

Class: todays’ blog topic is ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS.

Can you say, “Organizational Skills?” Very good!!

The bigger question is: “Do you HAVE organizational skills?” Some people do and some just flat out don’t.   I think mine were drilled into me by my Father, a Colonel in the Air Force for 30 years.   He was a stickler for organization, and later when I worked as a nurse, organization was a big part of the job.   So my background is firmly rooted in organization…a trait that serves me well in the promotional industry.

So you ask, why as a Marketing assistant do I need organizational skills? My reply to you is: “HERDING CATS.” Remember that commercial from a long past Super Bowl? (I made that Sports reference for my boss, Matt. It’s pretty much all I know about sports.)   Promotional items are as varied as snowflakes, there are millions to choose from. Take that huge variety, add customers both large and small, throw in a dash of crazed salesperson and you can see why organizational skills are necessary to keep things rolling on my end.

I’m the annoying “MOM” who constantly wants to know if you’ve cleaned your room.   I’m checking on orders, following up with the sales group and probably annoying them in the process, but someone’s got to do it. I think I’d be better at my job if I had more technical skills, but when it gets down to the wire, I can handle a telephone like no body’s business.  And in the end, customer service is what it’s all about. Making sure we deliver the goods in a timely fashion…and more importantly that the items are what the customer wanted.

So that’s why organizational skills are necessary for the Marketing Assistant. Because everyone needs a “mom” every now and then to keep them on track.

– Michelle Breen

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