New Year, New Site- Who Dis?
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New Year, New Site- Who Dis?

The start of a new year always brings forth an air of change and improvement. The ole “New Year, new me” adage really does have a way of making a person feel refreshed (as basic as it may be). Here at Brandfolk, we can largely attribute the “New Year, new me” mentality to why we’re going to start to look a little different. Don’t worry, we’re still the same awesome us, but we decided to make 2018 the year to plant our feet on solid ground for the future.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we’ll just address the elephant… we do know that the new year has been going on for two months already. This post didn’t get stuck in our drafts on the old site, unfortunately. So let’s just hop in our magical time machine- because that’s one promotional product you didn’t know we could get, did you? JK… it’s not, yet. We have no doubt that it someday will be. So anyway, back in the time machine… we’ve just arrived at two months ago- New Year’s Eve, hooray! Ball drops in Times Square! The dawn of a new year! Guess it’s time to set some new intentions, resolutions, goals, what have you. Full disclosure, we didn’t technically do that, but this is the story about how we sort of just landed in a boat full of change.

Let’s dive right in with what really brought out the waves of change in Brandfolk from the inside. As in the past, this January, we attended our largest educational training of the year, the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. This year, in addition to the show sessions and trade show, we attended Skucon, a jam-packed and progressive conference hosted by our CRM on day 1. From the incredibly aspirational speakers, to the relatable Entrepeneur Jam Session, to the a la carte breakout sessions, our team took away a great deal excitement and inspiration from this event. Most notably, during a Q&A session, we had a major “A ha” moment that made us realize how very desperately we needed to make some improvements to our model. The rest of the expo was great, but that moment was the one that really stuck out, especially for me.

Recapping the whole experience in the Denver airport (during a dreaded 5 hour delay), Matt and I hashed out all of our thoughts about how we could take what we learned to move ahead. We had 5 hours to talk, so believe me, we did. We knew the first step was really whittling down who we are. But, as expected, the answer didn’t really come easily to us… until it did. Just as we were having a conversation about how to go about finding a way to nail this “who we are” stuff down, I decided to look up a company whose culture I have admired for years- Lemonly in Sioux Falls. While perusing their site, half listening to Matt, I stumbled across Fabric, “A Workplace Culture Company.” With that interesting tag, I was intrigued. I kept digging and all of a sudden… another “A ha” moment! I immediately interrupted Matt and told him that I truly believed this Fabric place was going to help us find exactly what we were seeking. So I started to look into this mystical company a little bit more…

To be continued…

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