Let the Candy do the Talking
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Let the Candy do the Talking

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by talking about candy?! Halloween gives us plenty of good reasons to act like little kids and see how much candy we can eat from the trick-or-treater’s stockpile. Better yet, you have kids of your own whose candy you’ll just steal while they’re fast asleep in their sugar comas! So in the spirit of Halloween, let’s talk about the relationship between Brandfolk and YOU in terms of a language we all speak- candy.

We decided to have a little fun with brand names of candy that you’d probably find in a typical trick-or-treat bucket to show you what Brandfolk can do for you. Anytime your company needs help with brainstorming and finding an idea for promotions, you obviously give us a call, right? Well if you don’t, that’s a shame, but there’s no better time to start than right now! Our salespeople can help you come up with some really great ideas and will get you looking awesome in no time. Don’t believe us? We’ll let the candy do the talking…


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