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Influencing people has always been a subconscious goal of mine.  Working with FABRIC has lead me to understand that it can and should be a more conscious goal or Value.  When I was young, I wanted to be a professional athlete.  Whether it be baseball, basketball, or football, I pretended to be a lot of the greats like MJ, Chris Carter, Kirby Puckett etc.  They all had a major influence on me, and it turns out I wanted to be like them in more ways than just how they performed on the field.  I wanted to influence others like they influenced me. 

As I got a little older, I was influenced on a more localized level.  Teachers, coaches, friends and family, etc.  They took my wild goals and aspirations to be a professional athlete and helped me develop some solid skills and experience to go with them.  I still stay in touch with some of these people because I want to be like them just like I wanted to be like Kirby Puckett or Michael Jordan.
Will I ever be a professional athlete?  Nope.  Will I ever influence millions like Michael Jordan? Maybe?  I have a lot to learn and some serious practice to put in first.  However, because of our recent work with FABRIC, I go to work every day now with a focus on positive influence.  Who knows, maybe it will become my ultimate way to give back to those who influenced me.
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