HR Marketing
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HR Marketing

I recently attended an HR roundtable event hosted by one of our clients, Pipestone System. I attended the second day, and gave a presentation about the importance of a strong brand in HR initiatives. While at the event, I also got to listen to the Keynote Speaker, Mark Jewell from MJST, and hear an open discussion from all attendees. The open forum highlighted some real-life struggles as well as success stories of those attending. After hearing the Keynote and open discussion, I felt even more compelled to push the importance of a strong brand onto the HR world.

Check out the presentation from my talk below:

[slideshare id=75576797&doc=hrmarketingpresentation-170501194739]


Interestingly, a few of my points of emphasis were the exact same as the Keynote’s. This further stressed that importance of a branding and HR connection to me. Also, many of the open discussion topics I heard paralleled my message. For example, one of the main HR struggles I heard about was the disconnect between the recruiting and training processes. Continuous motivation and engagement were also pointed out as difficult tasks. Each of those things were also included in my talk. So, what does this mean to Brandfolk and HR together? It means that we can be a huge to help in working with your HR team just as much as with your marketing team.

How exactly can we help?  Just like getting help from someone like your financial advisor or corporate coach, we first need to know what your struggles are and what overall goals you are trying to accomplish.  Unsure about those things? Then you must start there! After we understand what you are trying to accomplish, we can work together to make your HR tasks fun, exciting, and successful.

For a more specific example, let’s focus back on the disconnect between recruiting and training that I mentioned before. One of the comments I heard was how the recruiting process was so much sexier than the training process. Specifically, they said, “people are underwhelmed once we get into the boringness of signing papers and reading about all of the rules.” This is such a great example of the need within HR to make the training process better! Just wanting it to be sexier though is not enough. Actual plans and processes must be put into place. We are prepared to help with those plans and we can provide collateral for those processes.

– Matt Oye


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