The Gift Giving Season Is Here!
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The Gift Giving Season Is Here!

Winter is just around the corner! That means it’s time to start planning gifts for your
customers and/or employees. There are several benefits to planning ahead, especially for
busy business owners. If you are a new business or new to purchasing company gifts, here
are a few points you should consider before you start making purchases or wrapping gifts!

Why Should Companies Give Gifts?

Gift-giving is totally appropriate for businesses of all sizes and industries. It’s a fun and
valuable opportunity to show your employees and/or loyal customers that you care. It’s
also an effective way of distinguishing yourself from your competition, reinforcing your
vision as a company, and bringing your team closer together.
Whether or not you take advantage of these opportunities will depend on how you
approach gift-giving for your unique business. For example, many companies choose to
give branded merchandise as gifts. This is a great way of creating a tangible gift experience
that benefits both your business and the receiver.


The Best Gift-Giving Tips for Companies

If you’ve decided that end of year gift-giving is right for your company but aren’t sure
where to begin, use these tips to start planning with confidence:


1. Make a List of Recipients: The first step of gift-giving is to make a list of recipients. This
list should reflect who you appreciate, who you hope to build a better working relationship
with, and who you just want to cheer up!

2. Establish a Purpose: Why are you giving this person a gift? Is it to show gratitude,
appreciation, or care? Is it to show that you’d like to collaborate or work together more in
the new year? Having these details straightened out will help you pick the appropriate gift
for each person.

3. Be Considerate: 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. You may want to alter your
gift-giving strategy if your employees have been working from home and your customers
haven’t been able to see you in person. Giving gifts that can’t be taken advantage of due to
social distancing, for example, would be a poor idea.

4. Personalize with Special Packaging: Special packaging is a great way to add a
thoughtful, personalized touch to each individual gift. This is especially important if you opt
for branded gifts, which can sometimes seem impersonal if you don’t make the effort to
customize their presentation. Be different!

5. Create a Delivery Plan: Think ahead about how you’re going to deliver these gifts. The
last thing you want is for them to be left on a shelf because you didn’t have the proper
delivery plan scheduled. Take into account social distancing, people’s addresses, and your
own schedule during the busier winter months. Don’t forget to follow up to make sure
everyone’s received their gifts!
With these five tips, you’ll have no problem creating a gift-giving plan that represents your
business well while showing your employees and/or customers how much you appreciate

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