Fashion’s My Passion
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Fashion’s My Passion

So my F’in blog topic is Fashion. We each randomly drew out of a hat for these topics and it’s really funny how spot-on the ones we chose match our personalities. I’m such a girly girl and when it comes to shopping that I would do it all day every day if I could afford to! I think that somehow, when we were picking, a sort of divine intervention took place and led us to drawing the right topic. That being said, get ready cuz I’m going all “Mean Girls” on you to talk about what I think is “totally fetch”.

All kidding aside, one of my go-to Pinterest search topics actually is Women’s Fashion. I’m almost always looking up outfit ideas and I get so inspired from browsing Pinterest and the Internet! I like to think I’m a pretty big deal on there since I recently pinned a picture of Selena Gomez’s “fetch” outfit and got 122 repins! (Brushes dirt off shoulder) I really do work hard to stay up to date on fashion on-line and sometimes I can even predict it, “like I have ESPN or something.” When it comes to anything social media-related and involves clothes, I’ve more than likely checked it out! I’m not totally addicted to online shopping, since my bank account won’t allow it, but you probably could say I’m addicted to online shop-browsing.

So how does this all fit in to my day-to-day job? I’d like to think I’ve always been kind of obsessed with what people are wearing and what is trendy for every season. When I was little, I would draw my own paper dolls and design tons of outfit combinations to tape on them. I also would play Barbies with my little sister only so I could be the fashion designer for our Barbie rock band’s tour. I feel like I still kind of do that now, just in a bit more grown-up way, using more technology. If you were to ask, I promise I’d tell you if I thought what you’re wearing is, “the ugliest f-ing skirt I have ever seen” or if I think it’s “grool.” I also do my best to make sure that the way your clothes look when they’re decorated is up-to-date and hip. Because I’m not a regular designer, I’m a cool designer.

With winter coming, I’ll admit that it gets a little tricky to dress cute and stay warm. So this is the best advice I can think of: bundle up and make sure you add some color in your outfits to help beat the winter blues! If you need some help with your winter fashion choices, we can help you find clothes that even Regina George would approve of. Now, “Get in the car, loser. We’re going shopping.”

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