Please Excuse our Absence
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PS absence

Please Excuse our Absence

It’s been 4 months since I wrote my last blog post. :/ Were you getting worried about me? Well, worry no longer, friends, I’ve been just fine. Everyone else in the Brandfolk office has been just fine as well. Since our blog has been sitting here sad and lonely for the past 4 months, though, we’re finally ready to come back better than ever! Backstreet’s Back, alright!

Please excuse our absence…

Though how can we expect you to excuse a 4-month blogging absence without explaining ourselves? We can’t really, but even still, I’m not above begging for your forgiveness. I’ll try my best to earn your trust again by summarizing what’s been happening in our lives:

– 2 babies were inducted into the Brandfolk family. One in Shannon’s family and one in Matt’s.

– We had 2 festive lunchtime fiestas in honor of said babies.

– I laser etched 250+ wood invitations.

– 2 of us traveled to Chicago… just so we could see One Direction in concert.

– Matt played a lot of baseball and other sports with balls.

– Snack-master Shannon came back from maternity leave.

– I got married! In Montana! (Not to Harry Styles, though)

– George Clooney finally got married on the same exact day.

– Michelle and I both got new houses.

– We established a new Brandfolk mascot: the hipster puppy.

– The new One Direction album was released. #1Donrepeat

– We drank a whole bunch of coffee.

– We may or may not have drunk a whole bunch of beers too.

– The Brandfolk team managed 5 temporary online stores & 2 permanent ones. (It may be too soon to ask Michelle about her feelings toward this one!)

– Matt’s computer got collaged in sticky notes.

– Batmandaid saved the world.

…And that’s all I can think of at the moment. Besides being super busy with all of the above, we’ve also been making loads of sales, creating amazing & beautiful designs and placing tons of orders to vendors. Through everything, we truly have missed you, our Internet pals!

Moving forward, you can expect to hear a lot more from us now that we have rekindled this relationship! Soon, we’ll be beginning a new series of educational, industry-related posts so you can hear more about what we know and have learned through working at Brandfolk. We’re also making a conscious effort to continue to provide reading material about what’s happening inside our brains. So bear with us, stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

– Shelby Zach

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