Getting Things Done vs. Finished
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Getting Things Done vs. Finished

I came to a thoughtful conclusion earlier this week when I was struggling to find motivation during the busiest time of year. I was getting things done, but not finishing anything.

I was working hard, getting a lot of work done, but leaving 1 or 2 dangling threads on all my projects. I was hardly finishing anything. Why on earth would I do that to myself? It was no wonder I had zero motivation. My to do list was garbage – full of all the parts of my job that I dread. In the back of my mind, all I could think about was that list of dangling threads. Who could possibly be motivated to work on a list full of things they don’t like to do. Ew.

How am I fixing this? Well, to start, I’ve started chipping off of the current list. I’m wading through the trenches of yuck that I’ve set up for myself and shortening that list a little bit every day. Hopefully it’ll be pretty clean by the end of December. Lucky for me, it is a new year in approximately 3 weeks, and this is one of the things that I am going to be very focused on improving.

The key is just going to be to make sure I do a few of these dreaded tasks every day. I am planning on setting up some kind of a daily check list with a report card at the end of the week to make sure my open list isn’t over run with garbage. And if it is, (this is going to be so lame), IT WILL BE TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

After all, life is and will always be full of things that just aren’t that fun to do, but you have to do them anyways. Paying taxes? Ew. Cleaning out the fridge? Double Ew. Putting away clean clothes? THE WORST! Filling out sales reports and following up on invoices? Probably the biggest EW of them all.

If any of you out there have ever had this struggle, please do share how you fixed it. I will also be reporting back on how my garbage control is going. Hopefully not too stinky.

And in case you want some light reading, I found this explanation about done vs. finished quite enlightening.

Happy Holidays!

– Shannon Kirby

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