Branded Merch to Promote Healthy Employees
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Branded Merch to Promote Healthy Employees

5 Ways to Use Branded Merch to Promote Healthy Employees

Statistics do not lie: spending resources on workplace wellness programs produces a great return on investment. Health costs for employers are skyrocketing, forcing them to find new and innovative ways to encourage their employees to engage in regular fitness activities.

One study found that medical costs were reduced by $3 for every dollar an employer spent on a health and wellness program. Employees who had access to such programs were more productive and had improved cognition and ability to focus.

Health and wellness programs only work if your employees use them. If employees are failing to take advantage of the perks, it is not because the program lacks quality or that they are too lazy to use it. It is more likely they just need a gentle reminder of all the amazing benefits.

Get your employees to take advantage of the programs you worked so hard to set up through the power of branded merchandise. There are many ways to use branded swag to promote healthy employees.

1. Water bottles

Remind your employees to stay hydrated throughout the day and during their workouts with a branded water bottle. Reusable water bottles come in a variety of styles and colors to match up with your brand’s panache. They are eco-friendly and portable, making them a great option.

2. Custom lunch totes

Eating out is hard on the wallet and the waistline. Encourage your employees to bring healthier lunches from home with a custom lunch tote sporting your company’s logo, slogan, and other branding elements. If you really want to get creative, you can include some branded, reusable lunch containers.

3. Hand sanitizers

Offices can be Petri dishes due to the proximity of workspaces. A basic bottle of hand sanitizer reminds employees about the importance of fighting germs. Customize it with the company logo.

4. Healthy cookbook

Employers can really get creative with this merch by asking employees to submit their favorite healthy recipes for inclusion in a company cookbook.

5. Custom shoe swag

What better way to encourage employees to get their steps in than with some branded sneakers? For added motivation, make the sneakers part of an incentive program. Reward employees who meet the daily step goals for one month with a pair of awesome kicks.

Encourage employees to prioritize their health and wellness. Reach out today to explore the fun and creative ways we can help communicate with your team.

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