You Are the Champions, Our Friends…
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You Are the Champions, Our Friends…

2017 was a great year for Brandfolk.

We really solidified the direction we want to go as a company and did some internal identification of what kind of clients we wanted to work with.

When we had the conversation about our ideal clients, some of the ideas that continually came to the surface were community minded, brand driven, culture focused, and relationship based.  Once we had designated those as our focus, we decided that we wanted to start an annual award for us to present to a client who really lives up to those things and recognize them for it.

In an industry that spends a lot of time focusing on recognition, we knew we needed a really, really unique award to give to whomever we chose – and boy oh boy did we find it.  Just you wait!

For our first annual award, we ended up choosing the one and only Discovery Benefits!

Some things that helped us choose them:

They have a super awesome brand.

They are all really great people who we enjoy working with.

The give back to the Fargo Moorhead community.

They have a slide & ping pong tables in their building.

They make our jobs more fun, challenging, and rewarding – and some of our favorite projects from 2017 were done with them.

Really, who could ask for more than that?

Once we had our decision made, Shelby went about designing the award, we got it ordered and invited the DBI purchasing team to lunch at Porter Creek!

The room was decorated with our new, fancy message boards addressed to each DBI team member.  Also, some super fancy balloons that really fit the theme.

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Shannon got up, said a few words about why we had invited them to lunch, and then it was unveiled.

The first annual BRAND CHAMPION AWARD BELT.  Gaze upon all it’s sparkly glory!

To say that the lunch was fun would be an understatement.  Have I mentioned how awesome these guys are?

We are so very lucky to get to work with the people at Discovery Benefits and can’t wait to continue building that relationship in the years to come!

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The 2018 brand champion is out there – and we can’t wait to figure out who it is so we can do this again.

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