A Tale of the Adult Coloring Book
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A Tale of the Adult Coloring Book

Once upon a time, a fair maiden told a very compelling story about the joy she’d found in coloring all day: http://brandfolk.com/coloring-all-day/. After writing her story, she realized that the notion of coloring at work may have just been a magnificent dream. As the years passed, the maiden’s forgot about that dream. That was all until, very recently, the memory returned in the form of a new project.

As the maiden had written in her story, “my job is extremely fun; different every day; and, in kid terms, basically the same as coloring all day!” The key thing to note is that the maiden was NOT, in fact, coloring all day, just “basically” doing so. We all know that “actually” doing something compared with “basically” doing something are vastly different scenarios. So it seems that the maiden’s aspirations to “actually” be coloring all day were quite unrealistic. That is until one fateful day, when her prince charming appeared through the mist. As most princes do, this prince charming came in a disguise. The prince was disguised as “Eventide” and had come to show her that her hopes of coloring at work could soon become a reality!

“Eventide” presented her and her consultants with a difficult problem that would require just the right type of assistance to solve. You see, “Eventide” was struggling to show their new townspeople just how much their presence was appreciated. With some consulting, they realized that the only way to keep the town thriving was by coming up with some type of reward so they came up with a plan. To carry out this plan, they really needed someone (like the maiden with a passion for coloring) to create a token of their appreciation – an adult coloring book.

The maiden had heard murmurs about the adult coloring book trends flying around. But, due to her past letdowns, she concluded that the rumors must be as fictitious as her dream had been. This made her hesitant to accept “Eventide’s” plan, as the task seemed too big for her to pull off. Plus, she just didn’t really want another letdown from coloring. Luckily, “Eventide,” and her consultants, were persistent in slowly peeling away her pessimism. Eventually, ideas began to take root in her mind and before she even knew it, she had already begun!

Since most stories like this deserve have a happy ending, I’m sure you’re already guessing how it goes. If you assumed that the maiden pulled off the ultimate feat, you would be correct! She helped please the new townspeople of “Eventide” and in turn, rediscovered her hidden passion. In designing the adult coloring book, the maiden finally got her chance to fulfill her dreams of coloring at work. The joy she rediscovered was radiant within her adult coloring book and she realized that all her strife was for this very purpose. The final result was quite beautiful indeed and makes for the perfect fairy tale ending.

– Shelby Zach

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