2015 Work Bucket List
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2015 Work Bucket List

So, my kids have been sick, therefore my blog is more than a little late. For that, I apologize! Miley the pig is quite happy about it though. (We have a piggy bank that we have to put money in when our blog is late. This is 7 days late, therefore, I owe $7.00) Even though we’ve already gone through almost a whole month of 2015, I thought I’d share my 2015 work bucket list with you all and see if you can help me cross anything off!

  1. Have my biggest month of sales ever and do it with a low error rate. The more we sell, the more work comes out of it. The more work there is, the more chance for error.
  2. Sell at least 5 nice products I’ve never sold before. There are so many fun technology items and home items that are really, really cool and I’d love the get them in my clients hands!
  3. Start an award program with a customer. It’s always something that I’ve wanted to get set up, but I’ve just never gone out of my way to try and do it.
  4. Do a custom overseas project. This all stems from getting in touch with my customers early in the year to figure out events they have later in the year that the timing would work for.
  5. Get a new client in a different state. (Minnesota doesn’t count.)
  6. Create a tradeshow display for a customer to make their booth EXTRA special. Some of the things available in the display world are simply amazing and the few times I’ve gotten to do the project, I really enjoy it!
  7. Be more organized. I need to find a way to successfully track all open projects, follow up’s, orders, etc. There are so many options available, but I need to find one that works for me.
  8. Find projects that are a great creative outlet. For the most part, my day to day projects are fairly simple, 1 color logo on an item. I like projects that get my creative wheels turning – coming up with catchy sayings or an odd way to link a product to a theme.
  9. Create a marketing campaign to try and drive new business. When done right, these can leave a really wonderful lasting impression on a possible new customer and can really help win new business.
  10. Do something SUPER fun with my co-workers. We are lucky enough to have a great laugh quite a few times per week while either in the office or out at lunch or something. I want to do something more fun than that. What? I don’t know. But, something.

So, to all of you reading this, let me know if there is something on this bucket list that happens to be on your bucket list. We can work together to make our lists shorter and do something great together. Happy 2015!

– Shannon Kirby

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