2014 Trends That Didn’t Work For Me (ew!)
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2014 Trends That Didn’t Work For Me (ew!)

Keeping up with the times is something that is incredibly hard to do. Some of us get too lazy to keep up as we get older, some of us take priority in other things that actually matter and some of us just don’t get it. Unfortunately, in the promotional industry we don’t even have a choice. It does help keep things from getting monotonous but it also makes it harder than it needs to be sometimes. The two main segments in the promotional world that change the fastest are the technology segment and the apparel segment. Some changes are predictable and you can see them coming before they happen while others sometimes sneak up on you or pass you by without ever knowing about them. Here are some trends from 2014 that I personally couldn’t get on board with. Pretty much they are a combination of things that I disliked or just couldn’t pull off.

Smart Watches. I’m just not James Bond so I wouldn’t look cool talking into my wrist. – Ew

Word abbreviations. This one is for sure one I just couldn’t pull off. – Ew

Snapchat marketing and all social media marketing. I’m a big fan of Snapchat as most of my friends and family live far away. It helps me stay in touch on a regular basis, on a candid level. I like the spontaneity of it, ads are not spontaneous. – Ew

Rhinestones on apparel. More popular in different parts of the country, thankfully. – Ew

Skinny jeans for guys. See my explanation above for word abbreviations. -Ew

Pocket T-shirts with different colored pockets. Maybe if I wore glasses and skinny jeans? -Ew

“Denim is back?” Don’t need to say much more about that. – Ew

Just to be clear, there are plenty of 2014 trends that I did get on board with so you don’t have to worry about it, I’m still cool.

– Matt Oye

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